Here you can read a little about us if you are bored while downloading our software at 2kb/s because your sister insists on downloading the latest Justin Bieber album.

About Orcs In The Basement

Orcs In The Basement is a company started late 2011 by Patrik “Swedman” Lindqvist in Sweden. The company actually lacks an official name but brands its products with Orcs in The Basement seeing that it is pretty much what we are.

The goal for the company is to provide software of any kind, free as well as cheap depending on product and which group is the general target. For the free products the goal is mostly to spread the company name but also to earn money from advertising and similar ideas.

About Swedman

Patrik Lindqvist is the sole owner of the company. On his spare time (when he is not programming) he is studying or working in a grocery store. To get the recommended healthy supply of social contact he roleplays (the one with pen and paper, mind you) with some friends, a Swedish RPG called EON. He is also the one handling all programming, web developing, customer relations, support, technical issues, main chef, second in command, leader of the orc tribe, etc.

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