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Recent Updates


New skin format

A new skin format has been announced for minecraft but do not worry, SkinEdit will soon release an update for the new format so you can continue making your skins with the best tool for it!


SkinEdits new downloadpage is released

After much messing around we have finally started spreading the word of the new SkinEdit download page. Anyone is allowed to link to “” to allow people to download the very latest version of SkinEdit directly from our servers (but please refrain from using direct links, they may not work in the future).

An update is finally on its way which will include an updater that prompts you to update your SkinEdit if it becomes outdated. This version will be branded SkinEdit 1.0 (we are skipping the beta stage!) and should be available soon. Until it is release please do not mirror SkinEdit as it will easily lead to users using an outdated version of the program.

Right now the FAQ in the support is quote empty but if we find good questions in the ticket system we will add them. If you figure out a good thing to put in the FAQ feel free to submit it under the category “SkinEdit – Other” with a clear title such as “FAQ suggestion”.

Keep making cool skins and we will be back with more info about SkinEdit 1.0 soon!


Welcome to the orcs in the basement!

To get some spare change for noodles and bacon SkinEdit is now owned by a company. Hopefully this will lead to more updates as I get more motivation updating without any loss for all you users out there. If you have any opinions about this feel free to tell me.

On this blog I’ll try to keep everyone up to date with the news of all the programs I develop.

Since most of you are probably here because of SkinEdit I’ll start with some news related to the next version of SkinEdit:

  • Hopefully a more stable previewer
  • A system for developing your own tools and possibly other plugins
  • A system for uploading your backgrounds, parts and skins to the Internet and also to use the skin
  • Better support for small monitors
  • Better support for HI-DEF skins, creating your own backgrounds etc.
  • Possibly a change to the background system to a template system.
  • Possibly a way to buy gear such as t-shirts or a 3D print of your character

Finally, just to make it clear: Any program that is free now will stay free, just because I start a company does not mean I will start charging for SkinEdit or any other freeware program I released and I plan to continue to focus mostly on freeware (I think most minecraft users either won’t pay or can’t pay for minecraft related software).

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